So I’ve been working from home for a month. Every morning the two hours after waking up before working, I read, work on side project, listen music, or browse around reading politics, discover fun animation shorts, or just imagine randomly, or write blogs. I realize that great art intriguing my heart comes from questioning our time. Just like Dicken’s quote, “it is the best of times, it is the worst of times”. Issues like weight gaining, pollution, extinction of living creatures, the fact that human being have been indifferent to their own hearts, to the outside, have been ignorant to what they have indirectly destroyed, etc. The good news is, there are fairly amount of people have realized it, and have reflected their thoughts, concerns, questions in their art, like Steve Cutts’ animation shorts, Li Jian’s music.

This morning has been painful. I was enjoying Li Jian’s album “Li Jian”, which reflects his care and questions for the weak side of people in Mainland. But when I went to DouBan to review the comments about this album, I saw really really bad reviews. I can’t believe my eyes, they said Li Jian is out of inspirations and singing nonsense. I have no idea why they say this to an artist who has discovered a few issues of the personality of people in  modern society of Mainland which is the essence of the undevelopment. Li Jian questioned in metaphor is it really good to be “good” by silently accepting unfairness and stress. This is for people from rural area working in metropolis like Beijing and Shanghai. This kind of “good” means safe, but also means weak self recognition and lacking of the courage of battling for oneself. What a great question Li Jian has mentioned in his music but not much people (Mainland) appreciate it? I can only sign..

When Steve Cutts released his critical animation shorts “Man”, he got positive response. But when Li Jian sings important things about the society in his music.. That’s the difference of societies. Some allow all kinds of art, some restrict topics important for personality release of people. The consequence of the latter is people would deeply believe what’s not right since they are born, so they can’t see and realize the questions questioning what they’ve believed. My parents, grandparents are like that. They are good people, and they seriously taught me to accept and do things if most people are doing it that way because that’s 100% safe. bs. I’ll only do what I like regardless of what most people do. Like I said no to Roblox’s programming test, because I want to save the time of preparing interviews and relocating for my own project.