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For so long I’ve lived, things go very interestingly over time.

I’ve met kind people who help me to grow better knowing my weakness;

I’ve also met assholes who tried to make me feel worse with an assumption of my weakness.

The reality is, I don’t give a fuck of your social status;

As long as you don’t play it real, I hope you good luck with your fucking life.

Siggraph Notes

I just went to Siggraph to have fun and to see what happened this year. Emerging techniques and real time rendering attracted most of my attentions. Emerging techniques are almost about AR and VR. I think technology is really about helping people to enjoy their lives in a better way or a different way. And AR is there, you can interact with your imagination, which makes me excited. But AR is still limited by the field of view, and I don’t like the fact that we have to wear a device to see the virtual world. It would be really cool if we could see the virtual world and interact with it without wearing any device, like in the TV show Black Mirror.

Emerging techniques: AR, VR

Houdini: lots of movies use Houdini for their visual effects, such as Inside Out and Tomorrowland

Renderman: worth a try.

Vulkan: next generation Graphics API.

Path tracer: universe everywhere because it’s physically based. Performance is the core component that people care about.

Stay employed in entertainment industry:
(a) Self publication: as a new grad, if you want to fill the gap of your professional level and the industry requirement, you could set up side projects to grow.
(b) Portforlio is the most important thing.
(c) Cover letter is more important than resume.
(d) Read marketing book to learn how to sell yourself. Meetup and LinkedIn are good ways to grow your network.

More links:

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Yes, You Can Create a Time-lapse Movie with Photoshop

Many photographers are experimenting with creating timelapse or stop motion animations with their cameras.  Yes, you can create a time-lapse movie with photoshop as long as you have the Extended version.

To do this kind of work, the camera is typically placed on a secure tripod and a series of still photos is taken with their camera of a scene.  Typically teh photos are taken at regular intervals.

  1. Organize your frames. You’ll need between 12 and 30 images for each second of animation, so chances are you’ll have a lot of source material.  Make sure all the images are in one folder and that they are named sequentially. If needed, you can use the Batch Rename command in Adobe Bridge to fix any naming issues.  Files should be named similar to frame001, frame002, frame003, and so on.
  2. Open your animation. When you’re ready, it’s time to open the image sequence…

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Git commands

a) Removing multiple files from a Git repo that have already been deleted from disk: git rm $(git ls-files – -deleted)

b) Copy & paste in git bash on windows:

Copy: click the console’s window icon (top left) and choosing Edit -> Mark, then drag a box on the text, then press Enter.

Paste: press Insert.

c) Merge dev to br:

git checkout dev

git pull

git checkout br

(if there’re conflicts here, open the files that have conflicts and resolve the conflicts manually)

(checkout the project file if it’s not there: git checkout dev — *.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj)

(now compile it until it passes)

(commit the changes and push them, if any)

d) execute shell file:chmod 755
  • git format-patch -1 <commit> (get the patch file of a commit from a branch)
  • git am <patch file> (apply the patch file to another branch)
  • the commit on the first branch should show up on the other branch.

Change the language in Opera 19

I found there are no Language Setting buttons in Opera 19, or I was too dumb to see it?

Then I went to the install folder, found a file called “installer_prefs.json”, when I change the content as :

“language”: “en-US”,
“single_profile”: true

Everything became English! 😀