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Saturday morning doodling~ Nov 18, 2017. Cambridge, MA


Saturday morning doodling. Nov 18, 2017. Cambridge, MA


A random doodling 😀 7am, Nov 16, 2017. Cambridge, MA



A figure appeared in my mind when listening The Beatles’ “Across the Universe”. 4:53am, Sep 27th, 2017, Cambridge, MA


Chasing light. 2017 June. Cambridge, MA.


Amber. I wanted to draw this while listening the ending of my favorite movie Turn Left and Turn Right, when the couple finally got together after a long waiting. The song is available here. 2017 Jan. Cambridge, MA.


Blue bird flying in an orange sky. Blue is my first love. Orange second. Then sky, and bird. 2016 Dec. Cambridge, MA.


For a special guy 😉 2016 Nov. Cambridge, MA.


Strokes. I found the skies in the animation movie – The Little Prince – attractive, and touching. I realized it might be the strokes for the clouds. So I draw – lines towards similar directions and intertwined together. 2016 Oct. Cambridge, MA.


This is for my coworker Brian. I asked what does he do with different or opposite opinions. His answer was, “I’ll just listening.”. I think that’s a very gentle respond. So I came out with him embracing ideas – oranges are similar opinions and greens in opposite orientations mean different and opposite opinions. 2016 Aug. Las Vegas, NV.


Also for my coworker Brian. He likes building stuffs from scratch. So I visualized elements related to his life in oranges bounded by cloud. Hands means “building stuffs from scratch”. Glass may have some meaning. I’m not sure. 2016 Aug. Las Vegas, NV.